Monday, April 16, 2007

As I sit listening to the computer clacks in the computer lab......

I have been listening to the NPR coverage that has been posted on their website on what happened today. If you don't know, there were two shootings at Virgina Tech University with at least thirty individuals killed and more injured. I'm having a hard time to decide what to write about on this. Shock.....Wondering just what I might do..... Something tells me that Southeast Missouri State University might never have something like this but I bet this is exactly what every one at Virginia Tech would have thought. I am always on campus around eight am. The first shooting was in the dorms around 7:15am (in Virginia) and then again at 10ish (I don't remember the time).

As I look around the computer lab I see a multitude of students working on various papers and assignments. I wonder if they know about what happened.

According to NPR it is the worst campus shooting in American history. If you are interested in hearing what I heard Go to NPR and click on the "Talk of the Nation" link. Usually they have intersting topics where people can call in and add their two cents worth (or a question for the "expert" of the topic) but I guess they decided to forgo it in favor of interviews with people at Virginia Tech.