Saturday, August 28, 2004

This week was my first week of classes in over two years. It felt slightly odd the first day. Imagine getting close to campus about ten minutes before class and barely finding parking spaces about a half mile from campus! Luckily my first class was my Pilates/Yoga class so you can bet that I was already warmed up! After that it's off the Economics and despite what I had thought of that class I think I'm going to enjoy it, I may even get a better idea as to why the USSR "didn't work." Following that it's off to grab a little grub back at my half-mile away car, good thing there was a nice park on the opposite side from where I parked so I enjoyed a nice PBJ, apple and Sprite while watching the geese. Then it's back up to campus for my Cultural Anthropology. I know that I'm going to enjoy that one. Imagine a prof that gets you hopping and goofy shouting out in class. That's what it's kind of like. I didn't even notice that an hour and fifteen minutes had gone by. Right after that it's time to hoof it over to the Johnson for my retake of College Algebra. Luckily this time I didn't get the same prof and this one slightly more interesting, he intentionally throws in curveballs to get you to say...wait a minute.... What's more, I can actually understand what he's saying. Three and a half years ago I had an oriental professor that I not only could not understand, he really didn't help me to understand things at all.

All in all I think I have a good, if slightly less intense semester this year. I had actually hoped to have that and that worked in my favor. As I am academic probation (as I had a few new things transferred in) I am limited to twelve hours, but am only taking ten as I wanted to throw in a pottery course that was filled up and the only other dance class was the Pilates/Yoga course so I jumped at the chance.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Update time!!

It's been a while since I've posted so I need to let everyone know what's going on.

July 21st was my last day at work at the SC. I am pretty sure that I'm already missing working there, but I am also pretty sure that my experience has taught me a great deal about my interests and what I enjoy doing. For the next few days I packed my stuff to move at the end of July.

July 24th-Went to North Carolina to visit with some of his dad's side of the family with John, his mom and his sister. I had a great time getting to know his sister and mom a little bit better as well as meeting some of the family. On our way back we went through the Biltmore Mansion. What I wouldn't give to have a house like it on a much smaller scale. On our way back I asked each of them which of the rooms was their favorite. John loved the library. Imagine the library from the Beast's castle in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" And you would know that I'm talking about. My favorite was torn between the library and the Banquet Hall. The Banquet Hall had medieval tapestries and carving along the wall depicting various stories. In the center was a huge table reminiscent of a Maedieval Banquet table for the royalty.

July 30th-Begin move out of my apartment. John and his cousin came up in two pickup trucks and help me get my dining room set (dining room table, chairs, buffet and china cabinet) . John had called all over the place to see about getting a Uhaul or something. Nothing. So they brought both of the pickups up to Saint louis and got them loaded up and went back to Cape. They got all of the stuff unloaded around 1am. When I heard about that the next day I felt sorry for both of them.

July 31st-John went back up to Saint Louis and helped me load up some more stuff as well as help me put my dresser (which has lasted through my brother and I as little kids all the way up until when I moved, it was in really bad shape) out n the corner as well as my old dining room table from way back. I had saved it from the dumpster at my Grandma Alice's back when I was twelvewith the intention that I would have it when I got my own place. I would have rather have taken this piece over to a Goodwill or even down to the thrift store which his gram and aunt volunteer at, however as John always argues whenenver I even slightly bring it up-we didn't have the space. I just hope someone gave it a home.

Now you are probably asking why didn't her family help here, after all they live in Saint Louis as well. The thing is that while I was getting my stuff moved, dad and the remainder of the family was moving atthe same time elsewhere. So some of the time that I would have typically spent packing up at my place ended up being spent over at dad's house going overthe stuffthat I want and don't want anymore.

So now here I am in Cape G., signed up for college classes and trying to figure out how to get around without a car. Just remember, never fail your driving test more then twice.