Monday, June 07, 2004

Today is a lounge day

Why is that you say? Well earlier this morning I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Can't say that the first part was all that pleasant. Hope to have a better day tommorrow though. Sunday after work John and I went to pick up my race materials for next Saturday's Race for the Cure downtown. Hopefully I'll be feeling good enough tommorrow or Wednsday to get a little practice in. I'm hoping to beat my time last time (about a 13 min/mile).

Work has been hopping. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, the SC is showing "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." I worked the midnight showing of it and it was fun! I took off from work a little before the time I would normally have and went over to Johnnie Brock's to check into their dungeon for a cloak to wear with the "Prof. Mac Gonagall" witch hat that I would be wearing that evening. Unfortunately someone that worked at another movie theater had bought all of their cloaks a few hours before I had gotten there. So instead I ended up renting a cloak instead. I wish I could buy it off of them though. Hopefully I'll feel good enough tommorrow to turn it in so I can get my deposit back. I don't have enough money otherwise. That evening I went around with my manager to talk with some VIP's that were there for a preview of the "SPACE" exhibit on a Segway. That was fun, imagine a bunch of bigwigs drooling over what you are riding/driving! After that I helped with making sure the kids that were in line for the movie were getting the goody bags with activities and whatnot. Next thing I know, it's time to call numbers __ through __ to line up for the theater for the 12:01am June fourth performance of "Harry Potter 3!" I was even among the first people to see it!

The next day at work all of the shows were sold out, in fact they sold out the day before. It seemed like there were a lot of people willing to pay the money to see it. Hopefully this runs under August, which is the end of the run for us.

BTW, if you are curious about prices for it- it's $12 for per adult ad $10 per senior (60+) or child (2-12). I know this is more expensive that the standard theater, but in general it is right on par for IMAX screens.


T said...

Holy crap! That must be one heckuva good movie! We're going to see it tomorrow sometime, aince my dad's off work. Mom invited M & I to see it with the family. Woo!

Moueska said...

'Arry Potter! Hee! It has the knight bus! With the conductor with bad acne! Ah, yes, it was just like I dreamed it... except with Harry smashing his face against the windows. That made me sort of sad inside.

Honestly, it was an outstanding translation.