Saturday, August 28, 2004

This week was my first week of classes in over two years. It felt slightly odd the first day. Imagine getting close to campus about ten minutes before class and barely finding parking spaces about a half mile from campus! Luckily my first class was my Pilates/Yoga class so you can bet that I was already warmed up! After that it's off the Economics and despite what I had thought of that class I think I'm going to enjoy it, I may even get a better idea as to why the USSR "didn't work." Following that it's off to grab a little grub back at my half-mile away car, good thing there was a nice park on the opposite side from where I parked so I enjoyed a nice PBJ, apple and Sprite while watching the geese. Then it's back up to campus for my Cultural Anthropology. I know that I'm going to enjoy that one. Imagine a prof that gets you hopping and goofy shouting out in class. That's what it's kind of like. I didn't even notice that an hour and fifteen minutes had gone by. Right after that it's time to hoof it over to the Johnson for my retake of College Algebra. Luckily this time I didn't get the same prof and this one slightly more interesting, he intentionally throws in curveballs to get you to say...wait a minute.... What's more, I can actually understand what he's saying. Three and a half years ago I had an oriental professor that I not only could not understand, he really didn't help me to understand things at all.

All in all I think I have a good, if slightly less intense semester this year. I had actually hoped to have that and that worked in my favor. As I am academic probation (as I had a few new things transferred in) I am limited to twelve hours, but am only taking ten as I wanted to throw in a pottery course that was filled up and the only other dance class was the Pilates/Yoga course so I jumped at the chance.

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T said...

Sounds like fun, kiddo!
That reminds me. I need to work on my voice exercizes and warm ups this week.