Monday, April 25, 2005

What will you do to survive after oil?

After reading this, I decided to contemplate this question. I've decided to do a survey of the few loyal readers. Imagine that tomorrow the cost for gas goes back to $5.50 a gallon (it is the price of gas during the oil crisis of the 1970s after adjusting for inflation). What will you do? Would you go out and get solar panels to power your basics, would you uy a bicycle or some other vehicle to get around? Would you move closer to school? Work? recreation? Would you plant yourself a garden so that you could afford more gas while replacing the garden foods you buy at the store?


T said...

I'd get a bike and postpone my education a bit. ^_^
In a time like this, it'd be a good idea to have a few 72-hour kits lying around...

Moueska said...

I know exactly what I would do.

First, I'd buy a bike.

Then I'd cry because I can't ride it.

After which, you will kick my ass onto the blue or neon-green (depending on the model) seat and push me down a hill. Voila! No more troubles! I could bike to the bus on Manchester and ride all over creation.

All over again.


AtheneBelle said...

lol. Or Dad maybe. I have already decided that at $2.25 p/gal (which you're probably already there in St. Louis) I would leave my car at home when I go to work and switch to my bike. At $5.00 (which would probably be closer to $5.75 in St. Louis as we're about 50-75 cents cheaper than down here) I would switch to my bike for all transportation on my own. John probably would keep on driving unless it affects his drive to work (which he's figured it would have to be around $7-8 p/gal). We probably would be doing very little travel up to St. Louis at $5 p/gal however.

Anonymous said...

get sombody else to pay for my gas