Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just a bit of "Dr. Who" Rambling

I have gotten hooked on a show that doesn't even show in the US. For those that have been in contact with me you know what I'm talking about. Thank the universe for Bittorrents. I would never have the opportunity to see Dr. Who at all except for the old series and while I liked what I saw of them (John downloaded some of them for me to see so that I could have some background info, I felt like I needed it) they can't hold a candle to the new series and Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor and Billie Piper as "Rose Tyler" his companion through the whole series. I am not looking forward to when The Doctor regenerates and David Tennant takes over. I guess I'll have to continue my fantasy in fan fics.

John recently called me obsessed about it. I can't help it. I hope to see Christopher Eccleston in more shows or movies.

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