Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What Book are you?

No this is not some sort of online quiz. A couple of days ago I was watching "Farenheit 451" on the TCI channel and I got to thinking about the book people. They memorized and literally became the book. I tried to imagine what book in my library would I be so desperate about saving that I would search out these book people and become that book.

So I have a question to put to everyone, what book would you become?


Von said...

I would be "The Guide To Getting It On". Cus I'm fucking hot like that.

T said...

I read this a week ago, and I still have no clue.

Robin D Owens said...

First, thanks for the link. As you can tell, I've googled my name (I do this every few months).

Fiction: I don't know. I love so many books.

Non-fiction: The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler.

As of tonight.
;) Robin