Monday, May 15, 2006

I miss mom...

I'm going to go off of my usual fare of talking about links that I find interesting to mope a bit. Back in December 27, 2001 my mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. I had been working a long hard day at the Science Center and all I had wanted to do was take a nice, long bath and put my feet up. As soon as I got home I had seen the whole family there, including my Aunt susan (who was a nurse and had been in town for my grandma's 80th birthday) and everyone else. My dad took into the living room and pulled out a dining room chair and pulled out another one to sit right across from me. Then he told me. She had died around 10am while I was at work. They had said that they didn't want me to be bothered while there. I called my manager immediately therafter and let her know what happened and that I probably wouldn't be in for a little bit. She had told me to take all the time I needed. At the funeral I saw some old teachers who had been really close to us (one both my brother and I had at one time, she had always been there for our family despite mom's cancer coming about after she had been our teacher) and a few of my colleagues at work. One of them had met my parents before when I had been a volunteer in their gallery and had won an award.

Skipping ahead to this past week, I have been finding that without a mom beside you to help you guide the process of singlehood to marriage is an extremely rocky one. I have been way behind of getting everything together and there have been plenty of times that I wished I could call mom and ask her for some input on bouquets (which I know she could do, she used to work at Nettie's floral shop for a while) or to get her approval about the wedding dress. This mother's day has been the hardest one for me to deal with since my mom passed away. for ra long time it was just another day. This year mother's day is a reminder of just how hard it is not to have her here.

John and I have been discussing what we can do to memorialize her in the service and we have decided that we are going to have a chair marked off with some flowers on it and a note stating "En Memoriam: Jacqueline Bertha McComber-Buritsch" with a good picture of mom (maybe even her wedding picture).

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T said...

That's a great idea! You just about had me crying! ^_^