Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thoughts on the Market and Business students

I have been going to college on and off for a long time and am a senior that has another year plus to go for a business major. Last semester was a really bad one for me because I had a plan in my mind that I would start a retail business that was meant to fill in a niche. I was seeing the overall market on the verge of a major slip (possible and looks more like real recession). Now as for me and my fellow students I have to hope that this is not a long term problem. I know personally I had to be placed on medication for depression for the first time and finally got around to getting medication for Attention Deficit Disorder (something I've had since a child but never been placed on medication). I suspect I will be seeing a ton of students going for business either dropping out or slipping off to another major. We'll have to see.

I have not asked my fellow students on this issue but I get the feeling that now "might" be the time to buy in certain types of stocks. What some consider true essentials. Stuff like Procter and Gamble (with their toilet paper and toothpaste portfolio) or similar companies. If you can handle a little more downturn and are planning for the long haul it won't matter quite as much.

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