Monday, December 13, 2004

Shoot I lost my post!

Anyway I'll give you guys the rundown. Had a job, then got a new one. I start at The Hobby Lobby today in about two hours and I can't wait!

Late last month I went on a big caving trip into the largest cave in the state. Needless to say I wasn't able to go through the whole cave, but I certainly saw the most beautiful part of it (according to others that have been through all of the cave. I will try and get my best pictures onto this site on a future date.

So here I am sitting at an internet cafe and listening to the final for a dance appreciation class and trying to decide what to eat. The main reason I'm here and not at home is that our internet is out because the main computer that the internet is hooked up to is having problems so it's either here or the college campus and this is slightly more interesting to me. Remind me to write more about this place on a future date.


Moueska said...

I'm not going to remind you to post more about the house. I'm going to remind you to post more, period!

However, I do want to hear about the internet cafe- wonder if it's like the cyber cafe here on campus for me. *waves*

AtheneBelle said...

Not at all. It's a christian coffeehouse that has wireless 'net access. It is just off of campus so maybe that's why they don't have anything remotely similar at SEMO. Right now it is the coolest place to me as we don't have 'net access at home right now.

T said...

As long as you have net access, that's all that matters. ^_^
Good luck with the new job kiddo! We love you!