Wednesday, December 22, 2004

SNOWING!! SNOWING trah la la la la la la la!!!!!

Remember when you were little and any day that it snowed was exciting and for our moms and dads it was a hassle? The days where we thought of it as a kink in our daily plans has arrived for me. John and I woke up on time for him to begin his day (you married/engaged couples know what I'm talking about I'm sure) and looked outside to see a white drift-covered world. At first John thought that it meant that he might be able to take the car and drive out. Then he stepped in it. It was about 12" as opposed to te 5-8 inches that he thought it had been. That meant pulling out the old steel-toed army boots (that he had from when he was in high school) that were aged emmensely. These boots were from he pre-vegan days so I don't think he's worn them at all since I've known him and when I took a closer look I could see why. Not only were they leather, they were also a burnt ochre and moldy green colored from the corrosion. After that it was time to trek out to our snow covered toy truck to scrape the snow that the lower layer of ice of the truck so that John would be able to go in. I didn't check to se how long it tok him, but I'm pretty sure he's just going to stay at work until he needs to come home to pick me up to take me to my job. Normally I drive myself but as I'm a new driver, I've never had to drive in this sort of weather so John is going to be in the passenger seat while I drive to work and then John would pick me up. I figured that it was the best way to get there as I don't feel comfortable driving in this sort of weather.

In other news, The Phantom of the Opera opened in theaters today and from what I've heard from both Phans and non-Phans thus far has not been encouraging. I probably won't be able to see it for a while as it doesn't open in a Wide release until January 12th. I know I want to see it before then so we may have to head up to St. Louis one weekend to watch it. I'm mainly wanting to go to see how the movie's Christine matches up to Sarah Brightman, one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's ex-wives and the original Christine. The role was originally written specially for her. I saw her perform when she was in St. Louis with her "Harem" tour. John was lucky enough to get seats right next to the stage, wow! I hope that is something that John remembers for a long time as I know that I will.

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T said...

I've heard some mediochre stuff about Phantom as well, but we can only hope! ^_^
I'm hoping we get a white Christmas again. We haven't had one in a few years!