Friday, September 01, 2006


Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I don't know if I have a very good reason other than trying to figure out how I'm going to fit work and college together. I've done that ok in the past but my grades always suffered as a result and I was never 100% at work (although I would never know if I was doing well there anyway).

1) Started classes August 21st. Here's my basic schedule

MW: 8am College Algebra, 9am Environmental Biology, 11am Computer Applications, 1:30pm Public Speaking, and 3pm Ballet III

F: 8am College Algebra, 10am Environmental Biology Lab, 11am Computer Applications, and 1:30pm Public Speaking

College Algebra is a three-time repeat. In my opinion it's make to break with this class.
Environmental Biology is a one-time repeat but this time it's with a different instructor and this seems to be making all the difference in the world for me.

Computer Applications is so boring that I wonder if I'm going to fail the class due to sheer boredom. Currently everything that she is talking about I know how to do. I know that there are some people going back into college after 10 or more years might have problems with computers but everyone in this particular class definitely has had a computer in their home at least for the last four years if not since they were little (like myself). What makes this class even more laughable is that she doesn't even acknowledge that there are other operating systems (like the one used on Macs like the one I'm currently typing this on).

Public Speaking is interesting and I am liking this class.

Ballet III is a fair bit better than I took Ballet II. She's just about as hard as the instructor from the first time I took Ballet II but has a better way about explaining the things we need to work on and applying it to each individual (who all have different body-types and experience levels).

All in all I think it's going to be an interesting semester.

2) I have been considering quitting my job since before I got married. At that time I had been looking for a job to replace Hobby Lobby, but the only one I interviewed for never called me back. I later found out that the person they were interviewing me to replace decided not to quit so they didn't hire anyone for that one. *begin rant* More recently I've been critisized for minor stuff by my head manager. By minor I mean not having the return slip finished by the time he got to my register or not knowing what is on sale. I'm sorry but as it's the first day I worked since the sale began I'm not going to know every single item that is on sale. I do try to check but I can't see everything in one quick glance. Does he want me to move fast or does he want me to be overly cautious causing backups.

The final straw really had to do with requests off. In general a part-time cashier is always scheduled on Saturday. You can put in a request but if they are either consecutive there is no guarantee that you will get both weekends. My family has been planning on visiting my brother, Tarrith at the Kansas City Renaissance Faire (he's going to be one of the strolling characters) and when we set the date barely a week later I find out that John's high school reunion is the weekend before. I put the request in and this week when I checked the schedule yesterday I found out that he has scheduled me that weekend anyway. I had mentioned that I had given him a note telling him that I wouldn't be available either day and he said to me "it wouldn't be fair to give you two weeks off in a row." I didn't try to make it that way, it just happened that way. I guess I could back out of the family event but I was the one helping to organize this event and it would have been unfair to the rest of the people to back out on them, not to mention I haven't even seen my brother since my marriage (I rarely have the chance to see him and it's going to be even less since he lives in Kansas City now). At that point I let it slip that I was planning on putting my two weeks notice in siting my classes as the reason. After I got of work I was thinking "what have I done?" *end rant*

I already had backup plans. For the longest time I've wanted to volunteer at the new children's museum in town, but haven't been able to because of having to work on Saturdays when they need the help the most.

John doesn't have any problems with me quitting my job as long as I do something with my time. Volunteering at the children's museum would fill that requirement.

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Wow, you've gotten busy! Take care, and know that we love ya!