Monday, January 01, 2007

And now for a New Year....

I hope everyone has had a wonderful new year. Last night John and I decided on a night in. I rented two movies heated up and messed around with some chocolate to try and flavor it (finally had to have John step in when I had two attempts seize up on me due to the water that I was putting in it). We watched "Clerks II" and "the Grimms Brothers." By the time we finished the two films it was exactly thirty seconds before midnight. We watched the countdown and then enjoyed some champagne and -of course- a new years kiss.

My resolutions for this year are as follows...
1. Work on my abdominal strength by doing floor barre once a week (besides in ballet class)
2. Write in this blog at least once a month
3. Try and read at least one book not directly related to classes a month
4. Get the library catalogued and organized (I have LibraryThing to help on the cataloging but the organizing is where things start to break down) and...
5. Get an A average in all of my classes (lol...I'll work towards that but I think I'm going to have to hbope for a B average there).

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